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When you have one or more trees removed from your property, you're on the way to having that space cleared and ready to be used in any way you choose. But now there's another issue — the stump(s).

When you're planning a project involving tree felling and removal on your property, stump grinding or removal has to be a consideration. TreeCareHQ will help you find the company that can handle the task at hand and can get you the best value in the process.

If you're searching “stump grinding near me,” here's what you need to know:

What Is Stump Grinding?

You might have heard the term “stump grinding”, but unless you've had trees or stumps removed in the past, it can be difficult to imagine exactly what it looks like. Will it damage your property? Make a mess? How long will it take? TreeCareHQ is here to make sure you know what you're getting before you reach out for free estimates on the service.

When you have a tree cut down on your property, it will always leave a stump. Tree cutters cannot cut flush to the ground. This means that if you don't want stumps on your property or you're planning on reclaiming the land, you'll want to have your stumps ground or removed.

Stump grinding is very simple. It involves using a large machine that pulverizes the stump, breaking it down to a finer, mulch-like pulp. This can then be removed from your property by the tree service company you choose.

There will be no excessive damage to your property and the mess will be minimal.

Stump Grinding vs. Stump Removal

Tree stump grinding and stump removal sound similar but they have a few key ways in which they're different from each other. Stump grinding uses a tool called a stump grinder, it mulches the stump so that the parts above and a few feet below ground level can be removed. After a stump grinding job, though, a significant part of the tree's roots will remain.

Stump removal involves deeper penetration into the stump and root system. The amount of root that can be removed depends on the size of the tree and the root spread. The decision between these two services depends on what you intend to do with the area after having trees cut down and taken away.

Stump Grinding Cost

What should you expect to be charged when you add stump grinding to a job? Since tree companies base their prices on the equipment they use, the time it takes to complete the job, the size of the project, and other factors, prices for any given service may vary pretty widely.

Luckily, with the TreeCareHQ tree company directory, you can browse tree care companies that offer the services you're looking for, filter by “stump grinding”, and instantly see a list of options. Just contact the stump removal companies nearby, request free quotes, quickly compare prices, and save!


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