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If you're searching for “land clearing near me”, let TreeCareHQ save you some time. We can connect you with the best local companies for landing clearing, forestry mulching, and removal of vegetation and organic plant matter and debris that's standing in the way of your next project.

But when it's time to search for a tree removal service to handle a sizable job, what should you expect? Below, we'll talk about some of the aspects of land clearing that you should know before you get a quote, including the expected cost and other factors that could change the scope of the project.

What Is Land Clearing?

Imagine you just bought some property and you're getting ready to break ground on your dream home. There's just one problem — the property is filled with trees and brush. In order to start your next life-changing project, you'll need to have this lot cleared by professionals.

You could trust your construction contractor, and they may have the equipment to get the job done, but they aren't specially trained tree service professionals.

You could risk danger to the people involved and damage to the property and surrounding structures if you don't trust certified arborists or, at the very least, a tree service with a lot of experience clearing lots just like this one.

Depending on the type of lot — and what needs to be cleared as part of the job — lot clearing can involve some or all of the following services as part of the overall project:

  • Tree clearing (felling and removal)
  • Forestry mulching
  • Stump grinding and removal
  • Brush cutting and removal

The goal of land clearing is to get a particular plot completely clean of woody plants and other organic material so it's ready to be used however the property owner wants to use it — whether that's for the installation of a new in-ground swimming pool, a hardscape project, or an entirely new structure on the property.

What Does Land Clearing Cost?

The cost of a land clearing job will vary widely based upon specific factors of the task at hand. Here are a few examples:

The size of the land: Naturally, a larger piece of land will take longer to clear than a smaller one, meaning more labor hours and a higher cost to the customer.

The size of the trees on the land: Cost also depends on the equipment that needs to be used to accomplish a specific job. If trees are wider or taller in one job than another, it will change to the type of equipment needed. Larger saws, trucks, and stump grinding equipment will make a project more expensive.

Services needed: A land clearing project on a plot that only contains small bushes and shrubs will be smaller and simpler. If there are brush and trees on the property, the cost will go up based on the additional tree clearing and potential mulching and/or stump grinding involved.

Level of risk: Tree services may charge more for jobs that pose a tougher challenge or a higher degree of risk than others. For example, if trees are located near power lines on the property or the footprints of structures on neighboring properties, the job will demand a higher level of skill and care to be done safely, and in many cases, this will increase the cost you'll pay.

Skip Searching for “Land Clearing Near Me”

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